When choosing where to spend your hard earned cash, it’s always nice to know that there are some places to spend that prioritize more than just their profits.

Here are 9 online stores that sell cool products and give back to the community.

1) Warby Parker


Warby Parker is an online company that sells prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. They are known for their unique program that allows customers to choose up to five frames from their website and try them on at home for five days, free of charge. Customers can also upload their own photo and try the frames on virtually. For every pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that they sell, the give pay for the production of another pair of eyeglasses for the non-profit organization VisionSpring. VisionSpring is a an eyeglass company that sells glasses for very low prices to people in India and El Salvador that they partner with to help provide employment opportunities in developing and struggling countries as a way to encourage entrepreneurship. They are 100% carbon neutral and have helped provide almost 2 million pairs of eyeglasses to people in need since 2012.

2) Toms


TOMS is a design company that sells shoes, eyewear , coffee and apparel based on the Argentine alpargata design. They offer a wide range of items, all with a very natural look and feel to them. They work hard at keeping their carbon footprint down and recently added a line of vegan shoes and bags which contain no materials that come from animals. They use both the percentage and one for one business donation model brands by giving a new pair of shoes away every time they sell a pair, they also donate to various causes depending on what is purchased. When someone purchases a pair of sunglasses they donate to various organizations that provide a person in need with a full eye exam while covering the cost of prescription glasses, and medical treatment. When a customer purchase one of the TOMS Roasting Co items a donation is made to support water systems in the seven countries that they source their coffee beans from. For every TOMS Bag that is purchased, they donate birth kits and provide training for skilled birth attendants to help prevent infection in mothers and newborns in various countries. Additionally, every time someone donates a TOMS High Road Backpack, they help provide training to school staff and crisis counselors to help prevent and respond to bullying.

3) FACT goods


FACT goods, which is short for Find A Cure Today, is an apparel company with a mission to raising awareness and money for research for Cancer and other causes while helping spread positive messages. They are new on the scene, having been founded in late 2017, and have a wide selection of cool inspirational t-shirts, hoodies & hats for women and men, as well as accessories and kids products. Their designs fall into 11 different collections which focus on themes such as strength, hope, love and faith - all things required to persevere through any of life’s challenges. They also have two collections that focus on faith and prayer, including Christian t-shirts for men and women.

FACT goods donates 25% of their proceeds to charities that have a high charity navigator rating and raise awareness and money in areas like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many others. Some of the charities they support include the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Michael J. Fox Foundation, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and Cancer Research Institute.

4) Love Your Melon


Love Your Melon is an apparel company that makes hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts and other types of leisure apparel. While they originally started off just by selling hats, with the business model of “buy one, give one,” they decided to change their business model so that they could scale their business and have a bigger impact. The items they offer are a bit different from similar companies who donate profits as they have no inspirational messages or quotes on any of their apparel. Most of their items simply have the name of their company, with a few options featuring watermelons or patriotic symbols.

The 50% of their profit donations that they donate is distributed to several different non-profit partners and charities that are seeking a cure for pediatric cancer. Their philanthropic partners include Make A Wish, St. Jude, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, St. Baldricks Foundation, and Ronald McDonald House Charities to name a few.

5) Pura Vida Bracelets


Pura Vida Bracelets sells handcrafted bracelets and other types of jewelry through boutiques across the country, as well as online. All of the bracelets are hand made in Costa Rica, which is where they got the name of their company. It means pure life in Spanish and is said to be the unofficial slogan of Costa Rica. While they started off by selling only bracelets, they now have a wide variety of jewelry, often times with some kind of nature theme to it. They give back in two ways. The first way is through offering sustainable jobs to people all over the world, although they try to focus on areas where poverty heavily affects women. They provide materials and then purchase the pieces of jewelry that these people have made, offering many of them the first time to have a reliable and livable income. Since not all of their items are made in this way, they also donate 10% of all their profits to various causes such as environmental preservation, cancer research and helping women obtain employment.

6) Ivory Ella


Ivory Ella is an online apparel company that is affiliated with the organization Save the Elephants, which is a nonprofit that specializes in the wildlife conservation of elephants. The company was named after Ella, an elephant who lives in Amboseli National Park. All of their clothing and accessories feature elephants in some way. They have a unique selection of designs and materials. In addition to donating 10% of their annual profits to organizations that help save elephants and stop the ivory trade, they also donate products to charities as well. Since starting their company in 2016, they have donated over $1.6 million to charitable causes.

7) Sevenly


Sevenly is an online lifestyle apparel company that does things a little differently than other lifestyle brands currently on the market. They sell T-shirts that have various inspirational quotes and sayings on them. Every week they highlight a specific cause and charity associated with that cause. Customers can then purchase shirts that have slogans that are somehow representative of what that charity stands for. Sevenly will then donate $7 from the sale of each T-shirt to that cause. They are occasionally able to do match donors for the campaigns which raises the donation amount from $7 all the way up to $21. They have been in business for about 5 years and raised over $5 million for various causes, with many of their items going viral and being shared on social networks almost 5 million times.



FIGS is a high quality medical apparel company based out of Los Angeles, California. They have a wide arrange of scrubs and put a focus on designing clothing that is comfortable and performs well for the intense needs of medical staff. The company was started after realizing that many of the sets of scrubs that were on the market were uncomfortable, didn’t fit well, had itchy material and didn’t last very long. The materials they use are lightweight, durable, wrinkle resistant, soft, breathable and antimicrobial. Shortly after starting the company they knew that they wanted to give back in a big way, so they decided that for every set of scrubs sold, they would give a set to a healthcare provider in need , for free. So far they have donated over 75,000 sets of scrubs in 34 different countries. In 2015 they won the Best for The Wold award for their philanthropy work.

9) The Giving Keys


The Giving Keys is a jewelry and accessory company that repurposes old and new keys into pieces of modern jewelry and accessories. They engrave inspiring words onto the keys to create bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. They inspire their customers to give their key away to someone who needs the message more than they do, they have a blog on their website of stories from customers who have payed if forward and given away their key. Their items are carried in over 1,200 stores across the world, most notably in Nordstrom, Sevenly, Anthropologie, TOMS, Altar’d State, Kitson and Fred Segal. The way they give back to their community is by hiring local residents in Los Angeles, California who are transitioning out of homelessness to create their products. They partner with PATH, United Way and Chrysalis to help find participants for their program. They have also started partnerships with a variety of organizations such as Invisible Children, Project Semicolon and Not for Sale, creating special lines to help those organizations raise funds.